Beat the crunch, while having lunch

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My new best friend is David Bass at London & Country Mortgages. These guys are the business when it comes to mortgage brokering. I have a fixed rate deal due to expire soon and, like many people, was panic stricken that any new deal may ending up looking like the national debt of Brazil!

I called up David one lunchtime and by the end of the day he’d hammered out an eye-watering deal of a kind that has City types slumped over their bar stools, spilling Champers all over their pin stripes.

L&C make their money from the lenders and survive by word-of-mouth recommendation. One I’m more than happy to give.

If you’re in a similar position give David a call on 01225 341 348. Mention this blog or he’s not going to have the first idea who you are!

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