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That's it, he's done it

That's it, he's done it

Like a lot of English people I turn into an expert on tennis for Wimbledon fortnight each year. I thought yesterday’s final was a magnificent advert for sport and although neither player deserved to lose I’m pleased to see Roger Federer get the record for Grand Slam victories.

My interest in tennis picked up some years ago when I began training as a coach with Sir John Whitmore. He advised me to look into the work of Tim Gallwey, starting with The Inner Game of Tennis. This I did and found a world of insight into the nature of people and performance; insights with a reach far beyond hitting a little fluffy ball.

So began my 15 years of coaching and providing coaching skills training including publishing my own three books. Despite the super-fast growth of coaching and the vast array of new principles and insights I still return time and again to the core principles of the inner game. Something I would encourage anyone with more than a passing interest in coaching to do.

The Inner Game of Tennis

The Inner Game of Tennis

Of course there’s an absolute plethora of coaching literature out there, so I have provided an up to date ‘recommended reading’ list of my Coaching Books website.


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