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Are you a thinker or a judge

Are you a thinker or a judge?

Here’s a query that arrived in the office today:

Thanks for your mail.  I am quite enthused to attend the event, however, travelling to the event location will not be possible at this point.  I recently attended the ‘Coaching Clinic’ conducted by Dr. Tony Draper (past president of ICF, Australian chapter) in Mumbai, India.   As part of the clinic, I also took the Personal Coaching Style Inventory and my coaching styles according to the instrument are Mediating and Strategizing (both equal score – 15).

I also was curious to know if there are connections / correlation between Coaching Style, MBTI, StrengthsFinder and Belbin Team Roles.  I have not been able to get satisfactory answers from anyone in the clinic.  What do you think?

This was my reply:

Thanks very much for getting in touch and raising your intriguing question.

I’m not sure I’m the man that can give you an answer!!

We concentrate on providing coaching skills for managers and as such tend to keep away from too much psychological theory or modelling.

That said, our approach comes from the ‘humanistic’ school and we encourage our students to coach for self-responsibility in their teams. They see the results that come from a team performing at their best because they ‘choose’ to rather than because they ‘have’ to. I find this more enduring than the ‘behavioural’ approach with its emphasis on subtle reward and punishment.

I am not familiar with all the tools you mention, but can see links between MBTI and Belbin in line with the above. MBTI addresses personality (humanism) whereas Belbin considers the outward manifestation of personality in terms of behavioural preferences (behaviourism). Different layers of the same onion if you like!

I’m sorry you can’t come to our event, but do appreciate the distance involved. We are developing distance learning programmes though, so do keep and eye on our website and newsletters.

Clearly not my field this, but if any of you would like to leave a comment that – unlike my turgid response – actually contains a coherent answer, I’ll pass it on to our enquirer.

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