I’ve been replaced by Girls Aloud!

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Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud

We did some PR a while ago which included a big poster featuring a picture of yours truly hanging in reception at the business park where my office is based.

When it was finished with I brought it home and my daughter pinned it up on her wall, claiming that she was proud of me, etc.

Last week she went to see Girls Aloud in concert and I came home to find that the poster of me had been replaced with one featuring Cheryl, Nadine, et al. What a cheek!

But she’s nearly 12 and clearly at a time when she needs to find new role models. It was always going to happen at some point and it’s got me thinking.

  • Are there times in our life when one kind of coach is more useful than others?
  • Do we outgrow coaching relationships and find a need to move on or refresh?
  • Does coaching go stale if the relationship is with one coach for too long?

I have not formed a particular view myself yet, but would be very interested in your comments.

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  • Rob


    Well as touching as it probably was for your daughter to say that, I have no doubt Girls Aloud look better on the wall, you should just go with it. In fact encourage it, cant have too many pics of the luscious ladies up

    Vote for your favourite on this blog I found


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