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Ok. this is just for the record.

I was born down the road from Loftus Road stadium and have been a QPR all my life. I have followed the team through thin and even thinner over the years, including the recent heartbreak of losing to Cardiff in the League 1 play off a couple of years back. It was played in err, Cardiff and was against, err Cardiff. What a day.

Anyway, things are on the up. Our new owners are so rich that QPR is – by one measure – the richest club in the world. We are climbing the Championship and look destined for the Premiership in a season or two. The most recent (and outrageous) rumour is that a certain Mr Mourinho is being lined up for manager.

So, if things go well, don’t accuse me of glory hunting! There will be a lot of nouveau QPR fans emerging in the next couple of years methinks. Where were they for Notts County away, eh?

Come on you Rs!


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