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Lots of people have been asking me for details of the various bits and pieces, software thingies and wotnot that we use for our marketing, etc. So in one hit:

For our e-newsletter and other communications we use:

Constant Contact

For article dissemination I prefer:


For delivery of digital products we’ve just started using:

For developing our marketing and strategies we use

Berandette Doyle

These are affiliate links and if you were to sign up I’d receive a commission. There are plenty of other internet resources I’m affiliated to that I wouldn’t dream of recommending.

See what you think.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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Had a fabulous trip to london last week, that was marred by a dreadful journey back home to the North East.

On Tuesday night I met with my friend, mentor, and all-round coaching guru, Sir john Whitmore. I thought I knew a thing or two about coaching, but I am a mere beginner by comparisson. John’s thoughts and plans on the future of coaching are amazing and if you get a chance to read any of his articles or better yet, hear him speak then grab it with both hands.

Wednesday was spent with another friend, Mike Butler. Mike is without doubt the best trainer I have ever known and a font of an incredible amount of knowledge in the people development arena. We spent a very pleasant day exploring ways we could work together and use the internet to get useful material out there. I hope to have news of our first efforts soon.

So, it was all going fabulously until I arrived at King’s Cross to take my seat on the 18.30 to Newcastle, due to arrive at Durham 21.10.

The clapperboard at Kings X said 18.20 to Newcastle cancelled. No probs thought I, I’ll hop on the 18.30.

The clapperboard at Kings X said 18.30 to Newcastle cancelled. The power lines were down between Doncaster and York. See screens for further advice.

The further advice screen said “Do not travel today”

Now at this point I would happily have booked into the L’hotel D’Armpit on the Clerkenwell road were it not having a paid gig on Thursday to return for.

So I participated in the riot that ensued when 3 train loads of passengers went for the 19.00 to Newcastle.

The announcer then explained that we were just waiting for a driver who was ‘accredited’ to navigate the diversion we were going to have to make via Leeds.

Eventually rolled out of Kings X at 20.00, rolled into my brother in laws arms at Durham at midnight and rolled into bed about 1am.

National Exppress’s comments on this? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Now I’m a mild mannered chap but is it any wonder we get travel rage when we’re treated like this? I wasn’t inconvenienced, I was exhausted by the whole thing and it nearly cost me a valuable assignment.

I appreciate that National Express couldn’t do anything about the wind, but these things happen every year – it’s called Winter. Why don’t these people ever have a plan B?

Just a boy from Shepherd’s Bush

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Ok. this is just for the record.

I was born down the road from Loftus Road stadium and have been a QPR all my life. I have followed the team through thin and even thinner over the years, including the recent heartbreak of losing to Cardiff in the League 1 play off a couple of years back. It was played in err, Cardiff and was against, err Cardiff. What a day.

Anyway, things are on the up. Our new owners are so rich that QPR is – by one measure – the richest club in the world. We are climbing the Championship and look destined for the Premiership in a season or two. The most recent (and outrageous) rumour is that a certain Mr Mourinho is being lined up for manager.

So, if things go well, don’t accuse me of glory hunting! There will be a lot of nouveau QPR fans emerging in the next couple of years methinks. Where were they for Notts County away, eh?

Come on you Rs!