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My little brain has been tickling away at producing presentation skills training without the need for giving a presentation. I know it sounds odd but it’s along the same lines as people not being able to make the time management training because they can’t find the time!

I have put together some ‘quick wins’ by way of a free report, which you can get your sticky paws on by…………


You’ve left it to the last minute hoping that something would come up, but it hasn’t and the day is coming when you Have to Make a Presentation! We’ve all been there and it’s a horrible feeling:

HaHHave you run out of excuses?

HaHHas the boss left you with a few PowerPoints and asked you to ‘see what you can do’?

HaHHave you left it too late to do any real preparation?

IsIIIs there really nobody you can fool into doing it for you?

Perhaps you’ve considered some of the training on offer but are thinking “I don’t want to become an ‘excellent presenter’, I just want to get it over with!”

If you’ve considered death as a seriously preferable alternative (and statistics suggest that many people do) – I CAN HELP YOU!

Simply register for our FREE guide

The Reluctant Presenters Survival Guide


I’m not pals with Paypal

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Is it me?

A while ago we decided to try to make it easier for our customers to do business with us by enabling them to pay by credit card.

First call was my bank who seemd to think £25 a month to service a handful of transactions a year was perfectly reasonable. ’nuff said.

So we turned – as many do – to good ol’ Paypal; assured by their web page sales blurb that our customers could merrily brandish their credit card irrespective of whether they had a Paypal account or not.

I pasted in their little Buy Now button and assumed all was well. And indeed it was. Until someone actually tried using this button to give me some money.

They were met with a succession of error messages that I’ll not bore you with but which amounted to “Go away”.

Now, I’m no Richard Branson but it struck me that this probably wasn’t too great for business so I decided I would call up the Paypal guys and have them restore my sense of Tickety Boo.

The automated voice interactive thingy eventually directed me to….. well I can only conclude it was the same island as the characters of Lost find themselves stranded upon. The explanation was equally baffling. It seems you can use your credit cards to pay for things from Merchants who use Paypal, but only up to a limit. Nobody appears certain what these limits are but I’m sure the numbers 8,15, 23 and so on featured.

I thought that because Paypal take a commission whenever someone pays for something via their intermediary system that the more they allowed this to happen, the more money they’d make. I’m clearly missing something.

Please leave me some comments or advice on this one. Would it be easier to ask my clienst to roll up a bundle of tenners and push them through my letterbox?

Make a presentation? Get me out of here!

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Browsing through the colour suplement that came with my weekend paper, I came across one of those ‘top 10 worst fears’ that they print occaisionally. There at number one was:

Speaking in public

Spiders were at number two and death was at number seven! Am I really to conclude that most people would rather die than make a presentation? (You don’t have to answer that)

So this set me thinking. I train and present regularly and it doesn’t bother me. Is this because I am some lucky soul with certain skills and attributes unavailable to other folk? Don’t think so. I think it is because that – unlike many – I was given proper, well constructed training in these areas as I shinned up the greasy pole.

I spoke to a few folk who would happily sell a kidney rather than present and suggested I put them together a training workshop on the subject. No you pillock, they replied, do you not realise that because we’re so fearful of presenting the last thing we want to do is go on a course where you have to give a presentation!

My challenge it seems then is to help people build their presenting ability without having to actually present. I have some ideas of how I could go about this, but would welcome suggestions and comments too. I’ll also give regular updates on my progress here.