Team coaching. Some final thoughts

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Team coaching. Some final thoughts

Team coaching. Some final thoughts

By way of summary to my last few posts, let’s round off with a number of ideas that you can put into practice straight away:

Devote some time to team development. In any meeting or get together of more than about an hour try to set aside some time or extra time to discuss team development. This does not have to mean fancy management games or self-complete questionnaires. A good, honest exchange of views will bring real progress.

Discuss the three stages of development with your team and ask them where they think they’re at. Next, ask them to list the things that could take the team forward and the things that might have it moving in reverse.

John Adair has suggested that the successful team balances the needs of the task, the team and the individual, ask your team where they think the balance lies and what needs to change.

Ask your team to list all the qualities of a high performing team and to then produce a top six in terms of what will be required in the future.

Ask the newest member of the team to review your induction process. They will have the most recent experience.

Catch people out doing something well and encourage all members of the team to do likewise.

Get some instant feedback on your leader ship style by asking team members to each tell one thing they’d like you to ‘Stop’, ‘Start’ and ‘Continue’

and finally…

…break with tradition. Stop celebrating success and analyzing failure. Instead take up celebrating failure – because of all you’ll have learnt – and analyzing success!

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