Your misery is my misery

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Blimey! I nearly spilt my cornflakes.

According to Breakfast TV this morning, one in six of the working population in the UK is utterly miserable in their job.

This is a disgrace! Even if the statistics are dodgy (64% of all statistics are made up on the spot) and it’s only half that bad, it’s still a disgrace.

The presenter turned to an HR guru for comment. The Guru supported the research and went on to explain that the source of this misery was often the employee’s relationship with their manager.

Managers everywhere should hang their heads in shame, but so should people like me who are in the business of helping managers manage.

Something is going badly wrong. I intend going back to the drawing board and examining everything my firm does against this background.

I invite you to leave comments regarding what needs to happen to restore enjoyment of and in work.

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