1:1 Coaching at work

Let's do some coaching!!I can help you achieve more in the next 12 months than you have achieved in your career so far.

Whilst I am mainly interested in developing coaching skills for managers I have always maintained a handful of coaching clients who have approached me to work with them on a one to one basis.

I have decided that this is something that I’d like to offer more widely.

I would always put together a package of coaching support based on your unique individual needs however this page sets out my overall approach:

When I work with you as a coach, I commit to meeting with you at the times and places we agree. I will work to create a safe environment in which we can explore problems, challenges and opportunities and work towards implementing the steps you need to take to make lasting change. I see it as my role, to listen, question and clarify in order that you can focus on what you need to do. I will use a variety of coaching tools and techniques so that you feel confident and responsible in carrying through any agreed actions.

In turn I ask you to commit to meeting with me at the times and places we agree and that our time is spent productively, free from other distractions. Typically a session will last 2 hours every 4-6 weeks for an overall timescale that we will agree in advance.

In between sessions I may ask you to undertake certain tasks or to have conversations with certain people. I will be available by email and phone for clarification and ongoing support.

For your part, before starting a coaching programme you need to be sure that:

  • You are serious about making changes
  • You are prepared to accept feedback
  • You are willing to try new ideas
  • You are willing to acknowledge thoughts, feelings and actions that are proving self-defeating
  • and, where your employer is funding the programme, that you recognise the value they are investing in your personal developmental


I will not divulge the content of any of our discussions under any circumstances, except:

  • if you ask me to
  • if you divulge anything that I feel may be harmful to you or others

Records and notes

Any written notes, be they paper based or electronic, are confidential and are kept securely.

Code of ethics

I am an active member of the Association for Coaching and have fully committed to their Code of Ethics. This code will be provided to you once we start working together.

Next steps

Wherever possible, I like to meet with my prospective coachee and whoever may be paying the fees, in order to explore whether we can work together. To set up such a meeting please complete the enquiry form on our Contact page