1:1 Coaching

If you’re a leader then you’re a coach whether you like it or not.

There are things that, as a leader, you can and should outsource: accounts and IT for example. But you cannot outsource the performance of your team, that’s down to you.

You could hire an external coach to work with your team, but even the very best will never understand your business and its culture like you do.

You could learn the skills and techniques of coaching through courses or qualifications but let’s face it, you don’t have time.

I have found through my work with senior leaders at AXA, HSBC and Toyota that personally coaching you on your own coaching provides the quickest route to being able to transform the performance of your team.

Over the course of a year of monthly sessions and ongoing support I will work with you to develop the tools and techniques you need. It is a completely bespoke programme.

It will not always be easy and I will hold you to account, but there will be changes. You will be guided towards your goals in a supportive yet challenging environment free from gimmicks or dubious techniques.

Client confidentiality makes named testimonials inappropriate but one client remarked:

“Our Sales Director has been working with Matt for the last couple of years and the resulting performance of the whole team has been outstanding. I have the highest praise for him and the way in which he can help good managers to become great. He is a role model Coach himself and his skill at bringing out the best in people, in turn enabling them to bring out the best in their teams, is superb. I cannot recommend him too highly.”

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No charge – no hard sell – no awkward questions.

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