12 days of Christmas: A personal view

Written by Matt Somers on . Posted in Thoughts from that Coaching Bloke

My true love, if you’re reading this, I’d like….

  • 12 months without relentless misery in the media
  • 11 QPR players giving their all every week
  • At least 10 minutes each day for everyone to spend doing nothing
  • 9 months of easy pregnancy for anyone woman due to give birth in 2009
  • 8 hours sleep every night
  • Year 7 to start well for my daughter, Evie
  • 6 months when everyone can work without paying tax (Any chance Gordon?)
  • 5th series of Lost to start revealing what the Hell is going on
  • 4 weeks of uninterupted sunshine next summer
  • 3 guys in Depeche Mode to wow us all on their World tour
  • England 2 qualify for the World Cup (sorry)
  • 1 new US president to start to repair the damage of the last eight years

Have a peaceful Christmas everyone

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