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Been a while since I’ve posted as I’ve been very busy this summer making some changes in the business.

Firstly, we have moved offices. After 10 years at the Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) in Sunderland, I decided it was time for a change and we’re now based at The Old Brewery in Castle Eden.

The Old Brewery
The Old Brewery

So why the move after all that time?

Well it was certainly nothing to do with the level of service from the BIC which was always excellent. I don’t think my business would ever have taken root without their help and I would recommend that any new (or indeed existing business) based in the area check out their offering at

Coming here to The Old Brewery was more to do with creating a change in thinking. I was tired of getting in my car and undertaking the same journey each day. I was tired of waving at the same people as I arrived in the car park, much as I loved them all!

I felt my mind was getting stale and flabby and I wanted to shake things up.

My new office looks out on a leafy lane and  a golf course. There is an Italian restaurant on site which is lovely but I won’t be eating there very day for fear that my next blog post will be about gargantuan weight gain.

The second major change came about because my IT guru, Kris was moving on to pastures new. I was following the usual channels of talking to agencies to find a replacement when I friend of mine got in contact asking if I knew anyone with a vacancy for a marketing graduate.

I met with Ashley and offered her the role there and then. Being a graduate this summer must be pretty miserable I reckon and my own family is affected as my nephew and his girlfriend work hard to get themselves fixed up. Ashley had not a whiff of ‘victim’ about her though and was just keen to find something that would enable her to build her experience and strengthen her CV. I’m glad I had something to offer her.

So, we’ll unpack our crates and so on, then I’ll post again soon on all things coaching. I’m away on a business trip next week too, which means airports and planes and  a strong possibility therefore of some dreadful customer service for me to rant about when I get back.

Matt Somers

Matt Somers

Matt Somers is the UK’s leading trainer of managers as coaches. His coaching skills training programmes, books, articles and seminars have helped thousands of managers achieve outstanding results through their people.

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