Can I offer you the Gift of Coaching?

Written by Matt Somers on . Posted in Thoughts from that Coaching Bloke

In December 2010 I presented my talk “The Gift of Coaching” to managers and other leaders at Sage plc.

People attended because they were wrestling with common problems:

  • How do I motivate my team?
  • How do I help my people manage in these tricky times?
  • How can I challenge difficult behaviour?
  • How can I make sure this organisation survives and prospers?

I presented a number of coaching principles to provide answers

  • How to play the inner game
  • Solving the Coaching Equation
  • Reducing interference
  • Coaching with Focus
  • The Three Principles of Coaching
  • The need for action

The session was captured on video and I want to make it available to a wide audience.

We are trialling a new download system which means we can offer the video for free for a limited time. Once we have to pay for the download system we will have to charge for the video to cover our costs.

Click here to register for your free copy

Happy coaching!


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