CMI Scottish Conference 2009

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What do you notice about the ball?

What do you notice about the ball?

My thanks to the organisers of this year’s Chartered Management Institute Scottish Conference. I had the final plenary slot in which I delivered my talk ‘Coaching for the Recovery’.

My feeling is that current economic circumstances are forcing us to acknowledge what we should have been doing for years: moving some of the responsibility for learning and development from HR to Line Management. The advantages of so doingare that we can:

  • Replace formal training with ‘on-the-job’ coaching
  • Develop people every working day (coaches and coachees)
  • Achieve the same results with fewer resources
  • Improve quality and lessen mistakes and wastage
  • Ensure learning is derived from every experience
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your current staff
  • Help those that have left or need to leave
From this strategic point my talk moved onto specific tactics that managers can employ to incorporate coaching techniques into their management style. We threw some juggling balls, ‘interfered’ with each other and gave away some books. All good fun and useful too I hope.
If anyone reading this would like the slides from the talk, please just leave a comment or drop me a line at

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  • Alan Berry



    I enjoyed your session at the CMI Scottish conference, and would be very grateful if you would send me the slides used on the day.



  • coaching bloke


    Hi Alan,

    Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the comment here. Slides etc on the way.


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