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What comes after left again?
What comes after left again?

Been doing some coaching skills training again this week with a group of managers with the usual frustrations that come from having to get results through other people.

Happily everyone left with a bagful of ideas to try back at work.

Here are their personal learning objectives (albeit with names changed to protect privacy) along with my parting advice.

Terry: Coaching to achieve results through others

To go from achieving results oneself to achieving results through others is a big, big step to take. The real challenge comes not from taking up new behaviour but from giving up old behaviour. We need to give up the need for control. ‘Telling’ gives us control, ‘Delegating’ gives them control. Coaching gives both control.

Lynval: Coaching for motivation

You cannot motivate people; they can only motivate themselves. You can use coaching to find out what ‘needs’ your people want to be satisfied at work and look to create conditions which meet those needs. Assuming a reasonable degree of satisfaction with pay and conditions you are better off looking at the higher level needs around performance, learning and enjoyment.

Neville: Coaching for responsibility/ Buy-in

For people to take up responsibility they need to:

•    Believe they are capable
•    Value the outcome
•    Be willing to try

They will continue to resist until these conditions are satisfied and so you can now use coaching to explore their views on these three areas.

Jerry: To start a coaching culture

One big indicator of a coaching culture is when ‘performing’ and ‘learning’ are no longer seen as separate, competing activities. Enabling line managers to coach and making HR supporters of learning – rather than drivers of learning – creates a great start.

Horace: Coaching for direction and decision making

This is all about clarity around Aims:

Dream                         WHY are you doing this?
Performance Goal      WHAT exactly are you going to do?
Processes                   HOW are you going to take this forward?

Rico: Coaching to take ideas forward

When we make suggestions we might improve the quality of somebody’s idea by say, 5%, but if their commitment to it is then lessened by 50%, it’s not a good outcome. Put the stress on YOU when asking the Options and Way Forward questions e.g. What are YOU going to do? When are YOU going to do it?

PS I will send a FREE copy of my report “How to Build a Coaching Culture” for the first comment that correctly identifies where I’ve got these names from.

Good to go again in September!
Good to go again in September!
Matt Somers

Matt Somers

Matt Somers is the UK’s leading trainer of managers as coaches. His coaching skills training programmes, books, articles and seminars have helped thousands of managers achieve outstanding results through their people.

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