Coaching at Work: Diary of a training course

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Good to go!

Good to go!

My client is a prominent provider of social housing in Northern England. I have worked with their senior managers last year and the year before and in 2011 there was another handful of leaders needing to get results through people.

Day one began with a discussion around what each participant was hoping to learn. The list was as follows (with names changed to protect the innocent):

Dave: An understanding of coaching skills to use at work

Dee: Better knowledge and skills around how to help people overcome barriers

Dozy: Fuller, more in-depth understanding of coaching/mentoring

Beaky: To increase motivation, confidence and to help people come to their own solutions

Mick: Skills on how to coach members of staff – in particular, new starters

Tich: Skills for coaching colleagues at work

In the past I have worked with much bigger groups, but have found that a group size likes this makes for a much more intimate and therefore impactful experience.

Here’s a flavour of some of the exercises and learning activities that followed.

We discussed how ‘interference’ prevents people accessing their potential and how coaching can provide and antidote to this.





External & Internal motivation

External & Internal motivation


We debated how effective motivational tools developed in the 19th century are today






Get UP!!!!!!

Get UP!!!!!!


We lay on the floor to see how flawed the “tell and instruct” style of communication can be






To me; to you

To me; to you


We threw some balls around






We looked at coaching for team development and rolled around on some planks

Right, er, left, no, right

Right, er, left, no, right








After all of that, I collected in he evaluations and everyone went on their way keen to try at their skills and make a difference back at work. I got some lovely comments:

“Excellent and Entertaining”

“Really enjoyed it. Found it very useful and raised my awareness with issues I’ve been experiencing in work”

“Very enjoyable. Mix of activities and classroom work kept it fun and interesting”


Until next time……

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