Coaching Skills Academy

The Matt Somers Coaching Skills Academy is all about coaching skills for leaders, whether you want to develop such skills yourself or you’re responsible for developing them in other people.

Here’s how YOU can halve the time you spend managing people and yet make them twice as effective!

Let’s be honest, being a leader in these current times is no easy task. You have to allocate tasks and monitor results, but you also have to motivate people, build relationships, manage change, solve conflicts and deal with all the other problems that leading people presents.

And at the moment you’re probably having to do all of that remotely!

But now there’s good news…

I discovered a long time ago that leaders who adopt a coaching approach are not plagued by these problems anymore. They get the work done and develop their people at the same time so that the quality of work and the quality of working life are both improved.

Leaders who coach have productive, honest relationships with their people where problems can be aired and innovative ideas expressed without fear of looking foolish. Leaders who can coach become the envy of their colleagues stuck in the dark ages of command and control.

But the best news of all is…I can train you to become a great coach!


I’ve developed The Matt Somers Coaching Skills Academy as an alternative to face-to-face training and allowing you the freedom to decide where and when to do your training.

Our core programme is called Coaching at Work–Online, in this programme you’ll learn:

  • How to increase motivation (without having to pay more)
  • How to help people thrive in times of change
  • How to overcome self-generated barriers to success
  • A structured approach to enable people to move from knowing what they need to do to being able to do it
  • A practical coaching model that you can use straight away
  • How asking questions solves more problems than giving advice
  • The 3 key principles that guarantee results
  • The Coaching ARROW. A proven framework for successful performance

Our online approach takes away all the complexity, hassle and costs associated with in-person training without compromising the quality of the content.

  • How do you lead people who you know have plenty of ability but just can’t seem to produce results?
  • How do you lead those members of your team who used to be really good performers but now have lost their way?
  • How will you lead your team cope with a world of work that is changing at a faster rate than ever before?

What are people saying?

“Completing Matt Somers ‘Coaching at Work Online’ has given me a truly inspiring insight into the world of coaching.  I believe this skill will take some time to learn, however what a great starting point this course provides.  It shows that the best way to learn is from a trusted colleague and this course helps us to understand the benefits of the coaching approach in making the learners experience a positive one.”

Marion Swan,
HR & Quality Director
Storage Equipment Safety Service Ltd

“I am just on the right side of 60 and have been involved in leadership and coaching for 30+ years. What was refreshing about this course was the fact it reminded me: you’re never too old, or indeed experienced to pick up new techniques or approaches to coaching.

The format of the course is nice and relaxed and you can do it and apply the skills in your own time. Full of information and tips on the approach. The advice can be applied to many situations in industry and life, you don’t have to be involved in coaching.”

Duncan Williams
Medical Training Officer

“Matt’s course covers the fundamentals of what you need to know when coaching a team at work, as well as some additional nuggets. He breaks things down into bitesize chunks, which makes the content easy to digest and accessible. There are some great takeaways in there too – the ballerina and golf examples will certainly stay with me!”

Helen Sampson
Support Team Supervisor
Kilburn & Strode

Coaching at Work-Online

Here’s How The Matt Somers Coaching Skills Academy Works

1. Register For The Training

Select the coaching skills training course you wish to complete and register for the Matt Somers Coaching Skills Academy

2. Access The Training

Work through the content at your own pace, wherever you want to. Interact with the downloadable material and complete activities to progress

3. Complete and Implement

Upon successfully completing the training, you will be awarded a certificate of completion and you can implement your training knowledge for yourself and your team

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