Coaching Skills For Managers

Coaching Practice in threesCould there possibly be a more useful skill than to coach people to solve their own problems and find their self-motivation?

These are scary times, but there is unanimous agreement that it is those organisations that continue to invest in people development that will survive the downturn and be best placed to take advantage of the upturn.

You may be having to make some tough choices with your training budget at the moment and may not be able to undertake all the training that you’d planned.

Investing in coaching skills training means:

  • Line managers take up the learning and development agenda which means that there is less strain on the learning and development team
  • Training budgets stretch further and there is far less wasted money
  • Line managers provide learning and development to their people every working day instead of just sending people on courses
  • Learning and development is tailored to what the individual and the organisation needs, at the time they need it

Who would benefit?

  • Managers responsible for the development of others
  • Team leaders and supervisors who want to improve the team’s results
  • Line managers who want a structured and effective method of performing their scheduled one to ones and similar meetings
  • Line managers who want to develop their staff in their current role and also longer term

What will you gain?

  • Participants return from training able to help people identify and remove barriers to their own success making them happier and more productive
  • Participants return from training able to increase motivation in individuals and teams so they’ll focus on customer needs
  • Participants return from training with techniques to help their people welcome change and search for new customers, markets or other opportunities

Course Overview

Our recommended approach consists of a 2-day initial course with a 1-day follow up scheduled for between 1 and 3 months later. This turns a 3 day course into a 90 day development programme.

The 2-day course covers the philosophies, principles and skills of coaching. With a practical bias and a focus on workplace issues, the aim is to enable participants to discover how to achieve results by coaching through discussion, demonstration and practise in an atmosphere of high support. It is a highly participative and enjoyable event and includes some light physical activity.

The 1-day follow up enables participants to reconvene in order to discuss the achievements and issues they have encountered whilst implementing their new skills. The day also provides opportunities for detailed planning so that coaching behaviours are focused on selling more, reducing costs, increasing quality and so on.

Outline Content

Whilst we prefer to work with you to tailor content to your specific needs, the following would be typical:

Your investment

 Before costing a project, we like to meet with you in advance to understand your exact needs and agree a schedule of dates, venue requirements, etc. We would always produce a written proposal before any project commences.

We can cost assignments on a per-head basis, a per-day basis or an overall project cost depending on your preferences.

Next steps

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