Coaching Skills for Leaders

(In Person)

The Matt Somers Coaching Skills Academy is all about coaching skills for leaders, whether you want to develop such skills yourself or you’re responsible for developing them in other people.

Here’s how YOU can halve the time you spend managing people and yet make them twice as effective!

Let’s be honest, being a leader in these current times is no easy task. You have to allocate tasks and monitor results, but you also have to motivate people, build relationships, manage change, solve conflicts and deal with all the other problems that leading people presents.

And at the moment you’re probably having to do all of that remotely!

But now there’s good news…

I discovered a long time ago that leaders who adopt a coaching approach are not plagued by these problems anymore. They get the work done and develop their people at the same time so that the quality of work and the quality of working life are both improved.

Leaders who coach have productive, honest relationships with their people where problems can be aired and innovative ideas expressed without fear of looking foolish. Leaders who can coach become the envy of their colleagues stuck in the dark ages of command and control.

But the best news of all is…I can train you to become a great coach!


Our core programme is called Coaching at Work, an in it you’ll learn:

  • How to increase motivation (without having to pay more)
  • How to help people thrive in times of change
  • How to overcome self-generated barriers to success
  • A structured approach to enable people to move from knowing what they need to do to being able to do it
  • A practical coaching model that you can use straight away
  • How asking questions solves more problems than giving advice
  • The 3 key principles that guarantee results
  • The Coaching ARROW. A proven framework for successful performance

Imagine one of your team sits down across your desk and with a weary sigh begins to outline the latest problem. You’ll now have a method for guiding that person to come up with their own solution so that you don’t have to be involved and they get to develop new skills.

Imagine it’s appraisal time and you’ve got to sit down with your worst performing team member. Now you know how to coach you’ll be able to gradually develop that person into one of your stars.

Imagine what a highly coached and capable team can do for profits, customer relations, quality, and innovation.

We know that all these things become easy once you know how to coach, but don’t just take our word for it…


What are people saying?

“Just thought I’d share some news with you. I had my usual monthly one to one with my star
performer today. Every month I ‘tell’ her she should go for management and her response is
always “I can’t be bothered with the hassle”. After using ARROW I uncovered the real issue which was basically having to do any sort of presentation and speaking in front of people ( e.g
morning meetings).. after following the process she now wants to go for management with my help. Great results… I am now walking about thinking who else can I try it on……”

Alex Bodie, Branch Manager
Citi Financial

“I have learnt so much from this course which I can use in both work place and personal life. I
believe coaching is applicable to everyone regardless on level and responsibilities. The course
kept me interested at all times. Lots to go away and think about.”

Lindsey Mitchell

“Thanks for that last course. I’m now running a branch again. I have been using the ARROW
model and it has turned Peterborough into one of the best branches in the UK.”

Mick Burdon, Branch Manager
Scottish & Southern Energy Plc

The market for training in coaching skills is polarised. You either get offered a 90min Webinar which you can expect to mean about 2000 people squashed onto a Zoom call and subjected to hundreds of PowerPoint slides, or degree level programmes lasting weeks and costing thousands.

Our offer is unique. We have distilled 20 years of coaching experience into 2-days. What’s more, everything we talk about is rooted in the world of work. You won’t have to translate messages from the worlds of sport or entertainment and make them fit your circumstances.

We understand your circumstances!

Please do get in touch using the methods below, because otherwise…

  • how will you deal with people who you know have plenty of ability but just can’t seem to produce results?
  • how will you deal with those members of your team who used to be really good performers but now just seem to coast?
  • how will you help your team cope with a world of work that is changing at a faster rate than ever before?
  • how will you raise motivation when you arrive on a Monday morning to a sea of sullen faces?

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