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Day 1

9.00 You settle into the training room and get an opportunity to meet your fellow participants.You discover that despite all the participants coming from very different backgrounds, everyone on the course has a shared desire to learn how to get the best from others.
10.45 You now understand why it is that people are not working at the level of their potential but you have learnt several tactics for addressing this.
12.00 You realise why motivation is unlikely to be increased just by paying people more and you have learnt how coaching gives you a key to unlock self-motivation.
1.00 You appreciate the limitations of telling people what to do and how to do it and you now know how a questioning approach provides an alternative.You’ve earned your nice lunch!
2.00 We give away the big secret and reveal the principles of coaching. You get to understand why coaching could never work without an appreciation of these underlying principles.
3.00 Time for some outdoor activities that prove that coaching works and that it works quickly.
4.00 Now that you have the fundamentals in place, we give you a detailed coaching framework to use in any coaching situation.
5.00 Time for some practice! Working in small groups, you and the other participants get an opportunity to coach and be coached on real, genuine work-related issues.Probably the most beneficial exercise of the whole 2-days and ABSOLUTELY NOT role-play.
7.30 Eating, drinking, sleeping. Probably in that order.

Day 2

8.30 You participate in an exercise guaranteed to ensure that nothing you learnt on Day 1 is ever lost
10.30 After a caffeine fix, you begin to explore how your new coaching skills can be applied to coaching in groups or teams
11.00 Out we go again for a team based coaching activities. You have your outdoor jacket, your trainers and your gloves and you’re glad you do!You have also had all the theory put to the test and many of your assumptions about working in teams challenged.
1.00 More food!
2.00 We start to tidy up some loose ends making sure that you have a chance to personalise all that you’ve learnt to your own situation.
3.00 Time for more practice with other participants.
3.30 Detailed action planning for what you’re going to do back at work. A few final surprises too!
4.30 You say your goodbyes and set off for home; tired but armed with tools and techniques you did not have 48 hours ago. You have new options for dealing with the problems that brought you to our training and are looking forward to solving them.

If you’d like to achieve the same results in just 2 days out of work then join us on the 4th-5th October 2011 at Blackwell Grange, Darlington.

when we’ll be running Coaching at Work, our face to face training programme specifically designed to help managers motivate their people to higher levels of performance.

Full course details can be found at:

We limit places on our course to just 12 people, so please go immediately to:


where you can find out more.

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