More thoughts on coaching sessions

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More thoughts on coaching sessions
More thoughts on coaching sessions

As I said in an earlier post there is a clear beginning, middle and end to a coaching session. Before you and your coachee can sit down and have a coaching conversation in the way I’ve described in these posts, there are certain things that you’ll need to agree. It will be important to think through the degree of formality you want for coaching in your organisation and that extends to thinking in advance about how long sessions might last and how often you’ll meet. It is wise to think through the roles and responsibilities of the various parties involved and to do this in advance to avoid problems later on.

Your options for coaching locations vary from a formal meeting room to the local coffee shop. Each has its advantages and disadvantages so just think about what you might need to account for and remember to make sure the coachee is comfortable with whatever you decide.

Use the coaching ARROW to provide the framework for a session and to make sure you establish useful goals and identify any unhelpful behaviour. Think about your own comfort levels in handling emotional exchanges and give though to whether role playing might be helpful to what you’re both trying to achieve.

Make sure there is a firm Way Forward agreed before any session finishes and, where you can, take advantage of any opportunities for following up. It can be here that lasting change takes root.

A final tip

Any time you have a follow up conversation, ask:

  • What did you learn?
  • How did you learn it?
  • What will you do next time?
Matt Somers

Matt Somers

Matt Somers is the UK’s leading trainer of managers as coaches. His coaching skills training programmes, books, articles and seminars have helped thousands of managers achieve outstanding results through their people.

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