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Bhaskar Natarajan is President Elect at Hyderabad Professional Coach Association (HPCA) in India.

He recently placed this comment about my book on his LinkedIn Reading List

“A great read for any (aspiring) Coach…. Matt Somers is brilliant!!! I highly recommend you read it…” .

We subsequently got in touch with each other and on 12th January we recorded an interview that Bhaskar did with me to share with HPCA members.

The interview lasts 60 minutes and is full of useful coaching hints and tips. We will be selling it via the website in due course for £5.00 but I want to offer it to my blog followers for free.

Click here for the download link.

Let me know what you think.

Matt Somers

Matt Somers

Matt Somers is the UK’s leading trainer of managers as coaches. His coaching skills training programmes, books, articles and seminars have helped thousands of managers achieve outstanding results through their people.

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