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Last Sunday I hopped on a train and headed south for a week’s worth of activity in my old stamping ground of central London. ‘Twas a most interesting week for a variety of reasons and I wanted to record my thoughts and ideas here.

On Monday I delivered our workshop The Inner Game of Presenting. Our client was keen that we put together a programme that did not mean the participants having to make an actual presentation as part of the training. Quite a challenge and so I decided to work with my colleague Fiona Francis who is a corporate actor. Fiona was able to model the behaviours of a hapless presenter and then, with ongoing feedback and coaching from the group, gradually develop an effective presentation style. It proved to be a great learning experience and the feedback was quite amazing. (By the way the distance learning workbook on which this training was based is available at

Tuesday had me delivering as session as part of the CIPD’s Coaching Across Teams and Cultures event. It was funny going from talking about making a presentation to having to make one myself, and I was aware of having picked up some really good tips from the previous day. The session was well received and generated some good debate on the move from coaching one on one to coaching in groups or teams. There was a great question on coaching virtual teams and I’ve produced an article on the subject which I’ve posted here too. If anyone would like the slides and accompanying notes, just email

The British Library
The British Library

me or leave a comment.

Wednesday was a day of meetings and – not having any Central London premises – I was in need of a base. In the end I settled on The British Library on Euston Road with it’s combination of decent coffee, outstanding cake and free Wi-fi. I didn’t want to run my meetings in Starbucks but there were plenty of people that were. There were laptops and ringbinders everywhere and it was clear that many of the people participating in these meetings were from offices along the street. I guess meetings done this way will become more and more popular given that the chances securing a meeting room in most offices are about the same as winning the lottery.

Speaking of which, on Thursday I found myself on an upper floor of a building near Canary Wharf conducting a follow up day for a cleint of ours who had done Coaching at Work in the summer. Glorious views and little sign that the Credit Crunch had turned the finacial sector into a ghost town.

So, by now it’s Friday and another version of The Inner Game of Presenting.This version was for participants comfortable in delivering a mock presentation and the coaching from me and the rest of the group proved really effective in getting folks ready for when they have to do it for real.

With that done,  I threw myself at the mercy of the rail network and trundled back to North East England, tired but with a sense of accomplishment and a slice of British Library cake wrapped in a serviette!

Matt Somers

Matt Somers

Matt Somers is the UK’s leading trainer of managers as coaches. His coaching skills training programmes, books, articles and seminars have helped thousands of managers achieve outstanding results through their people.

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