What they said about the Coaching at Work course

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Are you really going to write that on your evaluation?
Are you really going to write that on your evaluation?

Not long ago I posted some information about our forthcoming coaching skills training event – Coaching at Work.

 In case you were thinking of attending, I thought you might like to see some feedback from our last couple of events:

I have learnt lots from this course which I can use in both work place and personal life. I believe coaching is applicable to everyone regardless on level and responsibilities. The course kept me interested at all times. Lots to go away and think about.

Lindsey Mitchell, HSBC

I have been to many courses – a bit of an addict really – but I can honestly say I didn’t experience one boring minute. Really outstanding as it feels fresh and surprising even to someone who’s been to loads of courses/workshops & it proved to me that I could change/expand. I really would recommend this course 100%. It can only help & certainly cannot hurt any manager appropriate to the organisation and culture.

Marjorie Newson, British Library

I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course and would recommend anyone concerned with coaching to attend.

Having had no coaching experience I found the pace of the course ideal.

Ken Bell, Lucite International

The mix and match between “classroom” and “physical” activities was great as it brought the theory to life in a fun way. Thoroughly enjoyed the course, I have a lot to practice. Thank you.

Lynn Judd, Scottish & Southern Energy

Approached the course with some trepidation but far exceeded my expectations. A refreshing change from other training programmes. Will definitely put the skills and knowledge into practice. Thank you

Allison Young, University of Sunderland

Don’t know what you’re doing to our member of staff but she practically ran into work this morning, clicked her heels and said ‘bring it on’…Fantastic….Thanks……Chris

Chris Reed, Three Rivers Housing

Very useful and interesting course. Rare to attend a 2 day course which maintains your interest throughout the whole course. Learnt some techniques which I will be able to use and benefit from at work.

Kevin Oxborough, Yorkshire Coast Homes

Our next course runs at Blackwell Grange, Darlington on the 26th-27th June 2012.

For full details and for special bonuses for booking and paying online visit


Spaces are limited so please act quickly to secure your place.

Go now to:


The people you just read about are glad they did and you will be too!

Look forward to seeing you there.

Matt Somers

Matt Somers

Matt Somers is the UK’s leading trainer of managers as coaches. His coaching skills training programmes, books, articles and seminars have helped thousands of managers achieve outstanding results through their people.

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