Who’s ‘them’ and who’s ‘us’?

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Nick & Dave

Compromise or collaborartion? Time will tell

I wouldn’t be foolish enough to reveal my political affiliations here (and risk alienating half my readership) but I’m intrigued by this Cameron and Clegg thing. Is it possible for two people (and their followers) who were sworn enemies last week to be colleagues this and to implement a coherent policy?

I think that not only is it possible, it’s quite likely a good thing (the working arrangement, not necessarily the policy) provided they can all set their egos to one side and concentrate on the national interest.

Psychologists talk of Ego Boundaries; our notions of who we consider to be part of our group and who we consider to be outside of that. Us and Them in other words. But these notions are fluid not fixed and can change when we see a ‘greater good’. Liverpool and Manchester United fans can stand side by side when they’re both supporting England and then go back to despising each other Monday. When I was stuck under the ash cloud recently I saw staff from all different airlines working together as an industry to help passengers.

In the work situation this is indicative of a team that has worked through the ‘Assertion’ stage and developed onto the ‘Cooperation’ stage. At this stage the team will be outwardly focused and more concerned with achieving its objectives than with the infighting and jockeying for position that so absorbs energy at the Assertion stage.

Teams can be coached to perform at this level and a short guide on the topic is available by emailing carol@mattsomers.com. Paste this into your subject line “Please send me How to Build a High Performing Team”

So, cheerio Gordon, hello Dave and Nick. Good luck…. you’re going to need it.

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