Wow! Britain really has got talent.

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Reminds me of my own break dancing days

Reminds me of my own break dancing days

We were big fans of BGT in our house. It’s easy to sneer, but for me it was good, old-fashioned family entertainment and I enjoyed watching it with my wife and daughter each night and joining in the endless analysis the next day at work.

I thought that Diversity were worthy winners and was quite stunned by the innovation and creativity that went into their routine. Real ‘out of the box’ thinking if ever I saw it.

There were lots of examples of good and bad coaching throughout the series although I doubt the producers or contestants saw it in those terms. I guess the prime example was when 10 year old Hollie forgot her lyrics and broke down in tears in her semi final. Well done to all concerned for letting her have another go; the incident could have haunted her for life otherwise. She went on to give a remarkably assured performance a few minutes after being in bits; a testament to the resiliance of children!

Of course, it’s impossible to watch a programme like this and not feel slightly uneasy that we’re being entertained at the expense of rather desperate and often deluded people, but they’re there through choice I suppose.

As I write, the runner-up, Susan Boyle has been admitted to hospital suffering from a breakdown of some kind. My learning from this is that when coaching people to perform at their best under presure we must make sure that the support continues after the event whatever level of success our coachee has achieved.

If a 10 year old can go on to sing her socks off in front of 10 million people, then you or I can recover from a fluffed presentation or a lost sale.

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