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Many leaders fall into the old trap of working in their business or team at the expense of working on their business or team.

Typical leadership training can make you much more efficient (doing more things right) but not necessarily make you more effective (doing more of the right things).

This dilemma was beautifully captured Tim Gallwey (godfather of coaching and author of the Inner Game series) who expressed it as an equation:

P = p-i

P Performance
p potential
i interference

Seen in this way, you have probably so far concentrated on increasing your business Performance by adding to your potential, ie attending programmes and building your knowledge and skills.

This gets you to a plateau but to move on requires attention to the other part of the equation. You need to identify and then reduce sources of interference. There could be external interference (eg other people, out of date processes, bureaucracy, viruses!) or internal interference (eg self-doubt, stress, fatigue, competing priorities).

Such interference is seldom experienced consciously and while we are unaware of it, the problems it causes tend not to get better by themselves. Many people report feeling ‘stuck’ despite, often despite years of working hard to make changes and escape the gravitational pull of old habits.

Coaching helps in three ways:

  • Working with a coach will enable you to become aware of these kind of forces at play. Before you can change anything you must become truly and fully aware of what’s happening now
  • The plans you come up with through coaching will be entirely owned by you. You will not have to adopt any particular system, strategy or approach designed by anyone else. You are the decision maker in the coaching relationship. You will come up with your own plans that will be entirely focused on your own unique situation
  • Working with a coach will enable you to explore all of this in an atmosphere of trust and support. There will be no judgments made. There will be no need to worry what anyone else may think of your thoughts, ideas or plans. Everything is absolutely confidential

By participating in our coaching programme you can typically expect to

  • Articulate precisely what how you need to make changes in both the short and medium term
  • Work with significantly greater awareness and insight so that problems are spotted earlier and decisions made more quickly given the inevitable uncertainties of modern business life
  • Set aside time for high-quality thinking and reflection to create plans with an increased chance of success
  • Develop a range of options for bringing such plans to life
  • Commit to a series of actions and measures that will bring about lasting change to consolidate now and thrive in the future

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